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Hi there, I’m Su Jin Kim.

I'm a UX designer with a strong focus on empathy and intuition. I have a tendency to observe people’s actions and predict them in advance to help them with what they need. In my previous career, I was a Textile Graphics and Prints Designer, analyzing trends every three months while working for a fashion trading company. As a result, I am skilled at quickly analyzing trends and insights. 


For the past 8 years, I have sold handmade ceramics, bags, and jewelry on Amazon and Etsy (e-commerce business). I manage the website, sell the product, and design a package of items. Therefore, as a designer, I want to work in fashion, home goods, and interior-related industries by incorporating my skills in UI design.

Other things I enjoy…

Since childhood, I have enjoyed working with art in my free time. I especially love working with clay. While spinning clay (wheel throwing), I can relieve my worries through artistic activity. I also love to draw and paint. I feel meditative when I draw scenery, wind, and flowers on canvas. Apart from art, some of my most cherished experiences involve engaging in meaningful conversations, hiking, and traveling with remarkable people. I find great joy in engaging and interacting with local people from each country during my travels. 

Feel free to reach out through email or Linkedin to connect with me! 

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